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Goodmon’s Auto Repair is a complete Auto Care brake service that works on all types of vehicles in Lincoln Park, MI. We have been in business for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, and good business practices. And, we make this a priority in every partner location. Every brake repair service we offer is of the absolute highest standard. You can always be certain you’re getting high-quality work on your car or truck at one of our locations.

Having a car mechanic you know and trust in Lincoln Park is important. Here at Goodmon’s Auto Repair, we completely understand that. We treat our customers like we would treat family. We know they depend on their vehicles for getting to and from work, doctors’ appointments, and more. Our ASE Certified Technicians must have automotive training and re-certification every 5 years. We want to ensure their skills are always up-to-date with the newest vehicles.

To clarify, what kind of results does this produce? The most qualified brake service mechanics near me! In fact, our Lincoln Park brake repair service will keep your car stopping like new. Our aim is to make your car reliable at any partner location we have. We don’t want a single customer to stress about vehicle reliability or dependability.

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Brake Repair Near Me

We provide our customers with high quality brake services they can depend on. Some of the braking-related items we can ensure are functioning properly for you include:

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Rotor replacement
  • Master cylinder replacement
  • Brake caliper replacement
  • Emergency brake repair
  • Brake caliper rebuild
  • Brake line repair
  • ABS sensor replacement
  • Brake line replacement
  • Brake fluid flush
  • ABS module repair
  • Brake bleeding

How Often Should Brakes Be Replaced

How Often Should I Replace My Brakes?

Your brakes perform a vital safety function for your vehicle. And, as a result, need the correct maintenance to ensure they function as intended. The brake caliper, brake pads, and brake rotors are all the primary pieces of your brake system. They allow your car to come to a safe stop. Your brake pads and rotors will get worn out in time and need replacing.

Now this brings us to the question of how often we need to replace our brakes. It’s important to note that your brake replacement isn’t related to the miles you’ve driven. Stop-and-go traffic is much harder on your brakes. Personal driving habits can also alter the miles you get before you need a Lincoln Park brake repair. One of these bad driving habits is riding your brakes. Never drive using both feet unless you have a manual transmission. Another bad driving habit is last minute braking. Start braking sooner and softer and you’ll get much longer life from your brakes. Your environment and the brand of brake parts you buy also dramatically affect the life of your brakes.

More Information On Worn Brakes

Generally speaking, you should replace your brake pads at around 50,000 miles. It’s important to realize though, that you may need to replace some pads after a mere 25,000 miles. And, some brands can go without replacing for as long as 75,000 miles! Ultimately, the mileage they last for will depend primarily on who is driving the vehicle.

If you’re hearing a grinding sound coming from your brake pads, you have trouble ahead. Or, if you can see that the pads are severely worn, they could soon fail. If there are *any other signs* that your brakes need replacing, give us a call at (855) 557-7329. Goodmon’s will connect you to a local Lincoln Park auto repair shop. They will be more than happy to help you with any brake repair you have.

When Should I Replace Brake Rotors?

All vehicles have brake rotors. And, like brake pads, need replacing at some point because they too get worn out. The exact mileage for replacing rotors can vary greatly. As mentioned above, the main factor here is also personal driving habits. Your brake rotors will last much longer if you don’t abuse them. The second most important factor is the quality of materials used in making the rotor.

In fact, a brake rotor can last anywhere from 15,000 to 75,000 miles. If you don’t replace your rotors, eventually they’ll get grooves worn in them. That, in turn, will wear our your brand new brake pads much faster than if the rotor was new. When your brake pads press against a smooth flat surface, they last longer. Thin rotors can also warp more easily under extreme braking.

This can cause shuttering or wobbling in your steering wheel. Mechanics refer to this as “pulsating or uneven braking” when you apply the brakes. In some cases, your rotors can be “turned” to get rid of this wobble. Turning brake rotors means machining them down or cutting a layer off to make them smooth again.

If you’re uncertain about getting your rotors replaced, call Goodmon’s brake service: (855) 557-7329. Our local Lincoln Park mechanic shop will be able to inspect your brake rotors for you. And, the rest of your brake system as well. They’ll let you know if you really need to replace them or not. Some brake repair shops will let you spend extra money on parts you don’t need. Not at Goodmon’s Auto Repair!

Brake Fluid Change

Do I Really Need a Brake Fluid Flush?

The time between changing your brake fluid will vary quite a bit depending on the manufacturer. In fact, the time differences can be confusing. Some manufacturers recommend a brake fluid flush every 2 years. Others say there is no need to ever change it. For example, Chevrolet recommends a brake fluid flush every 45,000 miles on most models. Honda on the other hand, recommends a brake fluid flush every 3 years – regardless of the miles.

But, some vehicles like the Ford Escape and Toyota Camry have no time or mileage intervals for changing this fluid. They say the vehicle owner or a trusted mechanic should inspect the fluid every now and then. You should be able to see if you need brake fluid flush by checking if the oil in the reservoir still looks fresh. The reservoir is usually on top of the master cylinder in your engine bay.

Are you still unsure if you need a brake fluid flush or not? No problem. Call Goodmon’s today so we can help! We’ll connect you to a local brake repair shop that’s able to help with a brake fluid flush. They’ll also be able to help with any other brake repair jobs your vehicle needs.

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