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Need a front end alignment? Keep your vehicle driving straight with cheap 4 wheel alignment services from Goodmon’s Auto Repair! Give us a call to schedule a front end alignment or 4 wheel alignment for your car. We promise to send you down the road with your car driving straight as an arrow. Call us for an estimate to do your specific car model today!

Front End Alignment

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4 Wheel Alignments

Signs Your Car Needs A Front End Alignment

If your car is pulling to the left or right, chances are you’re in need of a front end alignment at the very least. A vehicle that’s out of front alignment causes extra wear on your front end parts like tie rods, bearings, and your tires. A set of tires would cost considerably more than getting a front end alignment near me! We highly recommend you to get your vehicle’s front alignment checked. Especially if you have any doubts about it driving straight. This way you can avoid having to prematurely install an expensive new set of tires!

Front End Alignment Near Me
Steering Wheel Off Center

Other symptoms your car needs a front end alignment can include a steering wheel off center. If your driving in a straight line, the steering wheel should be positioned straight as well. Squealing tires, and steering wheel vibrations while driving are more signs of trouble. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, give us a call and schedule a cheap front end alignment. We’ll quickly get everything taken care of for you and done right at a great price!

4 Wheel Alignment Services

If you own a 4 wheel drive, all wheel drive (AWD), or 4 wheel steering vehicle you can’t just get a cheap front end alignment. These types of vehicles require a 4 wheel alignment near me. Automobiles that have the ability to turn on all four wheels go out of alignment faster than traditional front wheel alignment vehicles.

All four wheel alignment shops will charge double or more to perform a 4 wheel alignment, and for good reason. The number of wheels being aligned is double, but the complexity of a 4 wheel steering vehicle far surpasses that of a standard front end alignment. It also requires a more advanced alignment machine which your auto repair shop has to pay for and maintain.

Front End Alignment Cost

Your front end alignment cost for labor varies from state-to-state, and from city-to-city. This is mostly due to tax rates, real estate costs and employment costs for the geographical area you live in. And again, the vehicle make and model you drive will affect the time it takes to perform your front end alignment. On the low end of the spectrum, you can expect to pay around $79.00 for a front end alignment and $149.00 on the high end. Note that those prices are for alignment labor only and don’t include any (possibly) needed parts.

If left go for too long, a misaligned front end can cause extreme wear on your tie rod ends and ball joints or wheel bearings. This should be taken very seriously for obvious reasons. If the parts mentioned above fail, you will lose the ability to steer your car or truck. Replacing any of the front end parts listed above can really increase the labor time as well as the cost of parts. This is a very dangerous part of your vehicle’s maintenance to neglect.

The best way to know what the front end alignment cost is for your vehicle, is to call us for an estimate. You can get prices for the cheap parts and high quality parts while on the phone. Please be aware that any front end replacement parts won’t be included in the over-the-phone estimate you’re given. We need to know what needs to be replaced on your vehicle first.

4 Wheel Alignment Cost

The 4 wheel alignment costs are very similar to the above description about state and city as well as any needed parts. If you skipped over that portion of this article you may want to go back to read it over so there are no surprises.

Typically, 4 wheel alignment cost on the low end will usually run around $149.00 and on the high end around $399.00. This is mostly due to the location and the additional cost of the machine needed to perform a 4 wheel alignment. This type of alignment is far more complex, and requires addition training for employees as well. This isn’t some repair shop scam, it’s a legit and substantial investment in equipment and education.

Again, the best way to know what a 4 wheel alignment cost is for your vehicle, is to call us for a “no obligation” over the phone estimate for your make and model of car. The good news is that we have a Nationwide network of front alignment and 4 wheel alignment service centers. Give us a shot at fixing your alignment problems! The phone call is toll free.

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