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Having car electrical problems with your vehicle is both scary and difficult to fix without the right tools and experience. Power window repair is probably the most common car electrical repair we perform here. Luckily, we can provide expert car auto electric near me technicians to solve and repair any other electrical problems you may encounter as well!

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Is My Electrical System Failing?

There are a few symptoms that will have you searching for auto electric repair near me. Your car’s electrical system is a category that scares even seasoned mechanics. One sign of electrical failure is your engine cranking without starting up. Sometimes you’ll hear a “clicking” sound when trying to start the car. If you do, that’s usually a problem with either your battery, alternator, or starter.

Another sign that will have you searching for auto electric near me is when fuses keep blowing out. Your car has fuses to prevent over-voltage and short circuiting. So, if you have fuses that keep blowing then you may have an electrical short. Or, you may have wires that have been incorrectly connected. This happens sometimes on new radio installs and other accessory add-ons. Don’t worry! Goodmon’s has the auto electric repair near me that you’re looking for 🙂

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There are other electrical problems that can arise with your car that aren’t as obvious as a dead battery or bad alternator. Sometimes wire harnesses get rubbed through to the wires underneath that protective coating. Then it will continue to rub until it has rubbed through the wires coating inside the wiring harness. If this happens, call a Goodmon’s auto electrical shop near me and schedule an appointment.

This kind of electrical problem can take auto electric shop troubleshooting to a new level. If you don’t have the right tools and know-how, auto electric shorts like this are impossible to solve. At Goodmon’s or an affiliated auto electric near me repair centers we can get it figured out fast!

Power Window Repair at Goodmon's Auto

Power window repair is a frequently requested service in the car electrical repair business. And, if you think about it, it’s probably the most used electrical device inside you car. A broken or malfunctioning power window is dangerous in the event of a car accident.
But, when performing power window repairs we often find they are not and electrical issue at all. Your power window goes up and down inside a track that’s mounted inside your door. Many times that track will come loose, or get worn enough that it no longer holds the power window straight inside the track. This causes the power window to bind and either drag or get wedged.
Another power window repair issue can arise when the felt lining of the power window track gets torn and folds over. This causes the window to bind and creates drag on the window motor. Both of these issues are easy to fix with the right tools. (DIY’ers get parts and tools on Amazon)

When Power Window Repair is Electrical

An indicator that your power window repair is electrical, is that you will blow-out fuses when you try to put the window up or down. You may also smell something burning or actually see smoke. That’s a clue that there’s an electrical short or the power window motor is burnt up.
As we already stated, these types of symptoms are very dangerous to you or your whole family. The coating used on auto electric wires is toxic and dangerous when burning. If this happens while driving, pull over and open the door to vent the smoke if you can’t lower the window. You’ll also want to make sure it’s not still burning and that nothing inside the car is on fire.
Power window repairs can involve extra troubleshooting steps if your car is very old. There could be more than one thing wrong if you have let this go for some time without addressing the issue right away.

Finding an Electrical Mechanic Near Me

You can find a Goodmon’s electrical mechanic near me in just about every city in the USA. And, if there’s not a Goodmon’s Auto Repair Center in your state then we will direct you to an affiliated car electrical mechanic near me that can solve your problem quickly, and at a great price.

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