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Requiring engine or transmission repair is very serious. And, depending on the situation, can lead to complete failure of those components. Our transmission & engine repair staff can fix any problem. We can also do complete engine or transmission replacements if needed. No matter the issue, Goodmon’s Auto Repair can fix it – cheaper than you’d expect!

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Do I Need Transmission Repair?

There are a few signs you should be aware of that could indicate that you need automatic transmission repair. Especially if you suspect something has gone wrong with it. For starters, you may have problems shifting gears. This can include the transmission popping out of gear when driving, or jerking when it shifts.

You may also experience grinding or shimmying between gears. Unusual noises or whines while driving, and oil burning odors are all bad. Or, if you notice leaking transmission fluid, this is also a sign for transmission repair. In any of these cases, you should have a mechanic inspect your vehicle. You should do this as soon as possible to prevent complete transmission failure.

Transmission Shop Near Me

If you searched for “transmission shop near me” you owe it to yourself to at least call Goodmon’s Auto Repair to get an estimate for your transmission problem. For an investment of just a few minutes of your time, we could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Every Goodmon’s approved auto repair center is fair and honest. If requested, we will provide you with the parts we replaced to show you why they were needed. Goodmon’s is the transmission shop near me you should be calling.

Transmission Rebuilds

If your car has a lot of miles on it, you may require a transmission rebuild. In these cases, we completely remove your transmission, disassemble it, and inspect everything. During a complete transmission rebuild we will replace all bearings, gears, gaskets and oil.

There are several transmission shafts that the bearings and gears ride on. Occasionally, these shafts may be damaged or severely worn and need replaced. If that’s the case with yours, we will need those to be replaced as part of the transmission rebuild. It’s necessary in order to get a transmission rebuild warranty.

If you are interested in a Goodmon’s Rebuilt Transmission, give us a call with the make, model, and year of your vehicle and we will give you a base estimate:
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