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Goodmon’s Nationwide Brake Service Centers are either in your town or very close by. You can expect FAST brake service, and GREAT prices from our partner locations. Don’t cheat yourself by not calling us for an estimate! Brakes are a critically important part of your vehicle. You need brake service because they get worn out. Avoiding regular maintenance is very dangerous and can result in an accident. Goodmon’s mechanics can handle your brake repair fast and with ease!

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Do I Need Brake Repair?

Replacing your brake pads, brake rotors, and brake calipers is standard maintenance. And, most people prefer to have this handled by a qualified professional. Are you wondering if you need brake repair yet or if you can put it off a little while longer?

A common sign that you need brake service or brake repair is a grinding noise when applying the brakes. Reduced responsiveness and vibrations when braking are also a bad sign. We can inspect the brake pads and brake rotors to see how worn they are. If we see less than 1/4 of an inch of pad left, you’re are in need of our brake repair services. Our brake service is outstanding, and won’t break the bank. CALL NOW FOR AN ESTIMATE:
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Brake Service Cost

Your brake service cost will depend heavily on the quality of brake parts you choose, and which brake parts have to be replaced. For example, if you only need front brake pads on your Honda Accord, and you want the cheapest parts you’ll spend around $19.00 at Autozone. A full set (front and rear) will be around $40.00 with tax. But, this doesn’t include labor costs, brake fluid, a twist-in-piston brake caliper reset tool or the very possible need for new brake rotors. If you wanted high quality brake pads they would run you about $99.00 for a full set.

Again, if you went with the cheapest brake rotors for our example Honda Accord, you could get a full set of 4 for about $99.00. However the high quality brake rotors are about $250.00 for a set of 4. So you can see in this example that the cheapest brake parts are around $140.00 for all 4 wheels, and the high quality parts are around $350.00 before any labor rates are applied. That’s over double the cost for just the brake parts.

Not unlike the cost of your car’s brake parts, the brake service cost for the labor varies from state-to-state, and from city-to-city. This is mostly due to tax rates, real estate costs and employment costs for the geographical area you live in. And again, the vehicle make and model you drive will affect the time it takes to change your brakes. Cadillac and Lexus automobiles for example, have more complex brake service requirements, and so there is more labor costs.

The best way to know what the brake service cost is for your car, is to call us for an estimate. You can get prices for the cheap parts and high quality parts while on the phone. Be aware that you may need other brake parts that wouldn’t be included in the over-the-phone estimate you’re given.

We have a Nationwide network of brake repair service centers. Give us a shot at fixing your brakes! The phone call is toll free 🙂
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